Hubspot Reveals 7 Incredible Social Media Experiments and Findings That Grew Their Traffic by 241% over 8 month period

Currently with our ever-evolving 12966472_976155135801282_557094534_ntechnology and digital world, the biggest struggle that business owners are facing today is the lack of traffic to their website. Therefore, they tend to be continuously  in need of seeking new ways to increase traffic and attract visitors to their websites and reach their potential customers effectively.

In my blog I have summarised Scott Tousley article 7 Powerful Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241% in 8 month” into my own words and attempted to use a relevant example of real time business in order to gain a better understanding of  the implementations process.

The findings in the Scott Tousley`s article was an attempt to help marketers and business owners to gain insights about Hubspot Social media Experiments and to identify the key factors that have led to their  substantial growth in social media users and blog traffic over the eight month period.

The findings showed a 241% increase in monthly blog traffic over eight months:


The seven social media experiments and their recommended findings are as following;

  1. Include giveaways in your blog– after running multiple A/B testing on various blog posts, the results showed that the blogs with inserted “giveaways” to their CTA had doubled the amount in shares compared to those blogs who did not.
  2. Insert Click-to-Tweet (CTT)- the results showed that the articles that have included CTT links such as quotes or interesting statistics throughout the content tends to have higher number of shares compared to those articles with no CTT linkage.
  3. Twitter was identified as the most effective sharing channel –  by  using a online tracking  tool called Filament to determine which social media tends to generate new traffic and clicks on a link after it’s shared. Hubspot, identified that Twitter was considered to be  their “most valuable” share source compared to Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. Visualise “share retention” over time – this data enables the marketer to identify and track down how their shares of articles decrease over time.
  5. Sponsor an influencer to share your article to get more shares. The results showed that using an influencer to retweet or endorse your article, it generates credibility and validates your content to be effective and therefore, it increases the number of shared content.
  6. Try to use “The # habits of _ people “headline– The findings shows that these headlines tend to be attention grabbing , favourable by people and acquire more shares. In his article, Scott tousley explains that the reason behind the success of these headlines is because “people want to emulate the “habits” of those who have characteristics they desire. Since, they aspire to have these qualities; they tend to share the advice with others, as that how they want to be perceived.”
  7. Social Shares does not necessarily contribute to reaching more conversations. It is your content strategy that closes leads into customers. So ensure that your content is remarkable and highly serving your customer’s needs.


tumblr_mjctiu4AhG1rmsbwho1_400.jpgAdidas collaboration with Kanye West (Hip Hop star/ Fashion influencer) in launching “Yeezy Collection” in May 2015. This is a great example to demonstrate the brand`s great success in increasing its social media followers and draw traffic to their website. Adidas is known for their remarkable content strategy as they listen to their audience and know the market demand. The details about the new product line “Yeezy collection” were consistently tweeted by Hip Hop influencer Kanye West`s Twitter account, i.e. his tweet on March 8 2016 “@adidas is making a million Yeezys this year, opening up new factories…resulted in 17,500 retweets and 38,400 likes. Adidas attained most of its shared content about Yeezy collection from its Twitter account meaning that Twitter tends to be the most valuable shared source for adidas. Further to this content, Adidas has enabled Click-To-Tweet in all of their posts and their publications, enabling their social media users to successfully retweet interesting statistics and appealing contents on Twitter. As a result, there are already 2,047,174 million relevant posts about Yeezy collections on Instagram , using hashtags like #YEEZYBOOST #Yeezy2 #Yeezy #Yeezyboost350.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evidently, a social analytics firm “Networked Insights has recorded a 141,077 related posts -20% more than the sum of posts about Nike -0.50% few days after the launch in 2015. Clearly, the brand`s effective Social Media strategy has  given Adidas plenty of brand awareness and substantial traffic throughout all social media platforms and increase their sales substantially. Correspondingly, the shoe, priced at $350 a pair, when went on sale online, the first run of 9,000 sold out and the $16-billion-a-year sports apparel and footwear company, rose its revenue by 17% for that year.

Note To Remember:

Every business operates differently and address specific customers, what might work for one company; it might fail for others. Therefore, ensure that you use this information as a guideline to run your own experiments. A/B tests these ideas on your own audience and do not simply believe that all these steps could be applicable to your marketing strategy. Different customers react differently.

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